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Tag : LifeStyle

03 May 2021

Celebration of My Life

I am often surprised at the intervention of technology these days, in our lives, especially on birthdays when Happy Birthday messages are sent along with lot of emojis. Well, it’s not too many though….hardly a handful know my date of birth. I don’t feel any excitement on this day, or for that matter, on any day which we create and celebrate as “special days”. As I value my privacy, and also am not interested in these “wish celebrations”, I have […]

01 Apr 2019

Be Fit

My dream to visit Himalayas was fulfilled in Jan ’19, when I made the birding trip to Uttarakhand. But yet, my prime dream was always Everest Base Camp (EBC). I had decided long back that I won’t be travelling to any foreign lands without visiting my dream place. Region: EBC, Nepal Duration: 14 Days Grade: Difficult Max Altitude: 18,192 ft. I understand the risks and challenges involved. For the benefit of those who are planning to embark on such an […]