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It’s not fair !!!

Girl with chai watermark logo nikkHave you visited art exhibitions? I am sure you have. Every painting displayed is the result of the creators hard work, creativity and passion. Obviously his signature on the painting is a rightful assertion that it is his / her creation.

Having said this, it is also to be remembered that not only paintings, but also other forms of art, and even photography is the work of someone who has taken effort & dedicated time on that.

Every frame is what is observed or perceived through the eyes of the photographer. Isn’t it justified in this case to add the signature of the person who has clicked that frame? This signature is not a watermark, as is commonly assumed.

It is disheartening to note that people, many of whom are very close, request the person who has clicked that beautiful frame, to remove the signature and share it, in order that they may use the photo or share the same. Many even crop the photos to avoid the signature, and post in social media.

Why does one do this? Isn’t the photographer the person who deserves the credit for that click? Or is it that others find it embarrassing to reveal the name of the person? Or is it because the photo is not good the way it is? If so, why would they need it in the first place? When the image is cropped, the frame composition visualised by the photographer is also lost.

At the same time, if this click was by a celebrity photographer, will the signature be erased or will the image be cropped? Never, as that signature would be sought after…

Friends, if someone stole your piece of art and displayed it as theirs, how would you feel? Is it not the same feeling that is in the mind of the person, whose clicks are being used and shared by others without giving due credit to the person who has actually made that frame so beautiful?

The creator deserves the credits…..Please do not crop the images to avoid the signatures or request for photos without them….

It is not fair !!!!!!

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