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Conquering Myself

Mt Everest SummitIt’s a special day…And sometimes one starts thinking on such days….Like I did today…

Life should have a meaning, a purpose, isn’t it? What’s mine? Today when I thought about it, there seems to be only one thing that comes to my mind…Something I have been focusing on since last month…..Today I fixed it as my life ambition or dream….

And I have started working towards it, with total focus. However late in life, I will not stop, till I achieve it….And will keep reminding myself so that I don’t lose focus…..

Wondering what my goal is? Mt Everest Summit.

Conquering heights was never my hobby…nor did I have an ambition or goal in life till now. Except for playing adventure games during my childhood, funny memories though, there was nothing more that made me adventurous. Then later in life, I had been on a few trekking trips through forest ranges, during which I also had a few unexpected encounters with wildlife.

Then, what made me interested in Mt Everest? It was a birding expedition I had undertaken recently…a trip to Uttarakhand, which made me realize that EBC (Everest Base Camp) is something I want to desperately reach. But today, I feel I will not be satisfied by just reaching EBC, I have to reach the Summit.

I am aware of the difficulties to achieve this, and also of my limitations, both physically and emotionally, but am determined to put in all efforts towards achieving it.

As Edmund Hillary once stated:

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Conquering Myself”

  1. There is an even bigger summit than all the imaginable summits put together , and that summit is within all of us . Scaling that summit that is within our own minds is life long , and who knows how many more incalculable lives ..,,… every step taken , leaves us with that more confidence on the path of change , of uncertainty ,

    Like one mountaineer said you can’t conquer or challenge mountains, it can only humble you . So is the truth within all of us ,