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Category : Love

03 May 2021

Celebration of My Life

I am often surprised at the intervention of technology these days, in our lives, especially on birthdays when Happy Birthday messages are sent along with lot of emojis. Well, it’s not too many though….hardly a handful know my date of birth. I don’t feel any excitement on this day, or for that matter, on any day which we create and celebrate as “special days”. As I value my privacy, and also am not interested in these “wish celebrations”, I have […]

15 Aug 2020

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Happy Independence Day dear friends!!!! We are going through tough times. But Nature teaches us to see the good / positivity in everything. After every night, there is a day. After every storm, there is sunshine. Let us get inspired from Nature and stay positive and healthy too. When we speak of staying healthy, we also need to think of our surroundings. We can stay healthy only if our surroundings, neighborhood, locality, and also Earth are kept clean and taken […]

14 Feb 2020

What is love?

Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. For me, Love is Love. It is a feeling, which I feel towards everyone, all living beings, around me. And Love, for me is unconditional. Now what is unconditional love? Love is unconditional when a person loves someone unselfishly, when he or she cares about the happiness of the other person and will do anything to make that person feel happy, without expecting anything in return. When someone tells another […]