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(n) a haunter of the woods

one who loves the forest and its beauty & solitude
pronunciation | ne-'mo-fe-list

About Me

I am niKk, a photographer by passion, and a creative specialist by profession. My interest in photography was kindled by my Grandpa, who also taught me the basics, with his SLR, at a very young age. He discovered that this skill was inherent in me, when he introduced me to this world, full of life, through photography.

My first serious attempt at showcasing my skill, was during a relative’s wedding, when I had wielded the camera and captured life filled pictures of the event. The appreciation that I received then, was a great motivation, and kept me moving forward. I continued my attempts, with cameras borrowed from friends, during my trips.

My corporate employment was slowly making me realise that I am not cut out for the routine IT profile. My first Nokia mobile further helped me convince myself that I am slowly reaching a stage where I had to decide what was my priority. An appreciation letter received from iStock photos for the photographs I had posted in Flickr was a major turning point, and it was then I decided to move away from the MNC.

Having tried my hand at pencil drawings, paintings, handmade greetings, etc. I started off as a freelancer in Creative designing. This gave me more time and freedom to pursue my passion. Being a Nature enthusiast, I discovered that anything that attracts my attention, even at macro level, is worthy to be clicked. I did not restrict myself to any specific genre of photography. I am also a Travel Blogger and Cinematographer, among other things.

Life is less complicated when it is simple. That's my belief. I am a minimalist. I also do whatever I can to encourage people to Go Green. My life has been a continuous journey of learning, evolving and growing.

My initiatives are Nirem (a creative agency) and JustKiddin' (Kids & Family Studio).

Do not forget to drop in a mail if you feel you have a reason to use my services.

If you need a High Resolution photograph without a watermark, for personal or commercial use, it can be done on payment of relevant charges. For  educational/research purposes, I can provide the photographs free of cost.

I am happy to have you here, and hope you enjoy your journey through my pics.